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Over the years, many people have asked many questions about using Information Technology securely and safely. I've done my best to answer these questions. For instance, what should I do if someone asks me for my password. My answer is the person asking is either incompetent or a thief. No competent system administrator needs your password. A thief wants to steal something from you. The answer is do not give out your password, even to your Information Technology instructor.

The SANS Institute created the OUCH magazine and graciously allows us to redistribute the magazines. Select the link below to learn more about the topic that interests you. Additional articles and translations may be found at the OUCH web site.

2024 Articles

Text Messaging Attacks: A Smishing Saga
Going on Vacation? Simple Steps to Make it Cybersecure
Top Three Ways Cyber Attackers Target You
Start Your Career in Cybersecurity
Messaging Doís and Doníts.
Identity Theft: Preventing, Detecting, and Responding
QR Codes

2023 Articles

The Power of the Passphrase
I'm Hacked, Now What?
The Power of Updating
Online Security for Kids
Power of Password Managers
Stop Those Phone Call Scams
Securing Your Financial Accounts
Artificial Intelligence: What to know
Scareware: A Story
Digital Spring Cleaning in 7 Simple Steps
Do I need Security Software?
Biometrics - Making Security Simple

2022 Articles

Disposing of Your Mobile Device
Emotional Triggers - How Cyber Attackers Trick You
got backups
Charity and Disaster Scams
Phishing Attacks Are Getting Trickier
Securely Gaming Online
Top Three Social Media Scams
Learn a New Survival Skill: Spotting Deepfakes
Anyone Can Start a Career in Cybersecurity
Spot and Stop Messaging Attacks

2021 Articles

Top Cybersecurity Tips For Vacations
Shopping Online Securely
Emails Do's and Don'ts
One of the Most Important Steps You Can Take to Secure Your Accounts: Two-Factor Authentication
Using the Cloud Securely
Securing Your Mobile Devices
Securely Using Mobile Apps
Vishing: Phone Call Attacks & Scams
Privacy - Protecting Your Digital Footprint
Identity Theft
I'm Hacked, Now What?
Protecting Your Wi-Fi at Home

2020 Articles

Securing The Generation Gap
Social Engineering
Fake News
Online Security for Kids
Virtual Conferencing Safely and Securely

Creating a Cyber Secure Home
The Power of Updating
Password Managers
Coronavirus Updates from SANS
 Top 5 Steps to Securely Work from Home
 Social Engineering Video
 Email and Phishing Video
 Working Remotely Video
 Creating a Cyber Secure Home Video
 SANS Videos in other languages

Spring Cleaning
Social Media Privacy

Digital Inheritance

2019 Articles

Messaging / Smishing
Shopping Safely & Securely Online
Four Simple Steps to Staying Secure
Scamming You Through Social Media
Got Backups?
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Dark Web
A Career in Cybersecurity
Making Passwords Simple
Securely Disposing Your Mobile Devices
Personalized Scams
Search Yourself Online

2018 Articles

Yes, You Are a Target
Am I Hacked?
Do's and Don'ts of Email
CEO Fraud
Smart Home Devices
Phone Call Attacks and Scams
Stop That Malware
GDPR (European Privacy Rules)
 SANS Facebook Options
Stop That Phish
Top Tips to Securely Using Social Media
Securing Your Mobile Devices
Creating a Cybersecure Home

2017 Articles

Lock Down Your Login
Shopping Online Securely
  SANS Recommendations after the Equifax Hack
Helping Others Secure Themselves
Password Managers
Backups and Recovery
Gamining Online Safely & Securely
Lessons from WannaCry

Securing Today's Online Kids
Securely Using Mobile Apps
Staying Secure on the Road
Social Engineering

2016 Articles

Disposing Your Mobile Device Securely
Using the Cloud Securely
Four Steps to Staying Secure
Email Do's and Don'ts
CEO Fraud
Internet of Things (IoT)
I'm Hacked, Now What?
What is Malware?
Securing Your Home Network
Securing Your New Tablet

2015 Articles

Shopping Online Securely
Password Managers
Two-Step Verification
Backup & Recovery
Social Media
Educating Kids on Cyber Safety
Securing the Cyber Generation Gap
Gaming Online Safely & Securely
Staying Secure on the Road
Securely Using Mobile Apps

2014 Articles

Securing Your Home Network
What Is Malware
The End of Windows XP
Yes, You Actually Are A Target
Heartbleed - Why Do I Care?
i'm Hacked, Now What?
Disposing of Your Mobile Device
Email Do's and Don'ts
Using the Cloud Securely
Five Steps to Staying Secure
Social Engineering
What is Anti-Virus?

2013 Articles

Email Phishing Attacks
Social Networking Safely
Protecting Your Kids Online
URL Shorteners and QR Codes
Spear Phishing
Two-Step Verification
Personal Backup and Recovery
Password Managers
How to Shop Online Securely
Securing Your New Tablet

2012 Articles

Secure your Wi-Fi Network
Securing Your Mobile Device Apps
E-mail Dos and Don'ts
Safely Disposing of Your Mobile Device
Using the Cloud Safely
The Tech-Support Phone Call Scam
Counterfeit Websites
Hacked:Now What?
Losing Your Mobile Device
Two-Factor Authentication
Seven Steps to a Secure Computer

2011 Articles

Email Phishing and Scan
Browser Security and Privacy
Backup and Recovery
Social Networking Safety
Updating Your Software
Understanding Encryption
Protecting Your Kids Online
Protecting Your Passwords
Staying Secure Online While Traveling
Understanding Anti-Virus Software
Using Your Smartphone Securely!

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